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Preparation and communication between all players is important in the game of paintball. You will not have a good time if paintballers on the field don't have a clue about what is going on. This will not take hours of your time. It is as simple as getting everyone huddled together and establishing the rules of the game. Doing this doubles the amount of fun you have with other players and makes sure there are no disputes.

The following are a few things to keep in mind before you and your allies get going.

Set Rules and Regulations for Paintball Games

Proper perimeters should be set before any game gets started. The best way to do that is to take a stroll around the field and create boundaries. The size of the boundaries depends on how many players are involved in the exhibition. The average game of paintball has 6 players on the field at any given moment. This means the game is a 3 on 3 and 150 yards is more than enough space to set. If you have more people coming, you should increase the yardage.

Make two starting points at each end of the field. Try to set it up in a way that that paintballers on both sides cannot see each other. It heightens the excitement and makes the game more interesting. Speedball games don't have any trees or hiding places so this advice is not applicable to this type of game.

Assign an Area as the Safe Zone (aka Dead Zone)

Be very clear about where players can go when they are hit or need to recharge. This is sometimes called the safe zone and everyone should know where it is. The safe zone is also an area where people go for more ammo and gear. Make sure it is at a safe distance away from where the live action is going on. All players should know that this is the only place where it is okay for them to remove their masks. Anywhere else is strictly forbidden to prevent serious injuries.

Set Up a Goal for Every Game

Every player should know what the objective is in a game and how they can win it. Games like capture the flag and center flag can be won with different strategies. If you use the wrong strategy because you are unaware of the game you are playing, it is certain that you will lose. When beginners are participating in a game, make sure to keep the games shorter than usual. Players with little experience don't have the mental stamina to play for hours.

The typical game starts with each player in their own base. Once everyone agrees that they are ready, the horn sounds and the battle begins.

Make Teams Fair Skill wise

Games should be competitive and fair. The best way to do that is by making sure each team has a mix of beginner and experienced players. When games are uneven, there is zero challenge and people don't have a good time. Worst of all, beginner players go home with a bad taste in their mouth towards the sport. There should never be a team with more players than another. Also, everyone should wear their assigned colored bands at all times to know who plays for who. Lastly,

Winning in Paintball

After a team has achieved the games set goals, a referee should be present to let the losing team know it’s over. Even at this point, it is best to keep your mask on until you leave the war zone just in case.

All players have favorites when it comes to the types of games they like to play and the good paintball guns to use. The best step to take is to try them all out once and after that, you can play the one you prefer more.

Get Acquainted with these Basic Safety Rules

  • Keep masks on your face until you leave the play zone
  • Stay sober at all times and don't consume alcohol
  • If someone gives up, respect their decision and cease firing.
  • Take advantage of barrel plugs
  • Use logic and good sense when playing
15th Nov 2018 Kyle Ravella

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